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Fear and hatred unite Americans – US military more progressive?

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By John Stanton

Law enforcement officers ambushed and killed in Baton Rouge and Dallas by those using guerilla warfare style tactics. Is this any different that the Sunni “terrorists” who killed U.S. soldiers in Iraq?

How about the Nice, France truck bomber? Was he any different than Timothy McVeigh who parked a truck bomb outside the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killing 168 and wounding scores more?

Nearly 16000 Americans murdered each year. Are not murderer’s terrorists?

And a country at war with itself, politically polarized and rigidly classed to the point that lyrics in the 1960’s songs like Steppenwolf’s Monster and the Temptations’ Ball of Confusion speak directly to the developing catastrophe to come.

What’s the Matter?

First Peoples, Latino, Black, Jewish, Asian, White, Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Catholic, Wiccan, Protestant, Muslim, Heterosexual, Arab, Amish, Persian, lives matter and so do many non-human lives. But there…

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Civil Society Organizations Mobilize to Monitor Jamaican Policies

This is a great organization. was it your idea? If it was, it is an excellent one. be well my friend, Barbara

Petchary's Blog

Jamaica has several lobby groups advocating on behalf of marginalized communities. It has “watchdogs” that keep an eye on what the Government of the day is doing (or not doing) in relation to specific issues of concern to these communities. But could the watchdogs sharpen their skills some more? Tomorrow will see the opening of an important training session that will enhance the research capabilities and advocacy skills of several civil society organizations. Here is today’s press release:


AT LEAST eight civil society organisations (CSOs) will on Tuesday (July 26, 2016) benefit from the first in a series of training sessions designed to boost their ability to monitor human rights and governance issues in Jamaica.

 The organizations will focus on human rights violations, especially where marginalized groups are concerned and also gender-equity issues.

The training is being conducted under the two-year project titled Improved Civil Society Capacity for Research-Based…

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Officer on Paid Leave After Assaulting Pregnant Wife

This is happening way too often. Hugs, Barbara

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

This makes me sick; all that I write on pretty much does because it shows society’s ugly side, but it hits home a bit too much. And it is an open dismissal of violence against women, if you ask me.

Quincy Police Captain Michael Miller has been put on a paid vacation aka administrative leave after being charged with aggravated assault…against his former wife, who is 9 months pregnant. Apparently, this cop went to pick up his five year old daughter Friday when the assault happened. Details to my knowledge have not been released yet.

At 4 in the afternoon the police received the phone call for a domestic violence dispute. Later that day, his former wife filed a restraining order against Miller. Chief Keenan claimed:

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Domestic Abuse: She Won’t Listen to Me… Maybe You Will & Save Yourself, and Your Children, From Suffering More…


Truth- A Right to Fight For...

I know there are plenty of reasons women stay in abusive relationships (and I know the same for men in these relationships- I refer to women for this is a personal post to me, but abuse on men is just as wrong and detrimental). I know there is nothing I can do or say that will make someone open their eyes and see what is on the other side of life, that after you get through the terrifying “what if” and “is it me” “am I crazy” “what about money and the children” or “what about our safety?” and the countless other responses that are legitimate in the hearts of those saying it. They also may be legitimate concerns all around; but at the end of the day we have to take a risk or it is clear what will change…and that’s nothing.

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