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Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

a passerby, a denizen
a poor kingdom’s citizen
Identifying with flags
Queen given rags
colours of your clan
coat of arms drawn
underneath, same bones, flesh
Ignore civilisation clash
Adopt sapiens race
Let go colour of the face
and live!

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Our Apathy Pays Dividends

QBG_Tilted Tiara

OpEdMy great and dear light at the end of the tunnel, Deborah over at Monster in Your Closet, reminded me today there are many ways to look at a problem, many angles to hold a prism to the light. When she wrote about panic attacks in the air here I burst out laughing, I remember well feeling exactly the same panic at wheels up. What I was really thinking about while reading her piece though is why I have not touched my fingers to my keyboard, why I haven’t wanted to write for weeks. I considered why what I have been thinking hasn’t been making its way from my brain to my blog. My normal righteous indignation has hidden under a tree, whimpered and cringed from the light of day like a beaten dog.

Here is the thing; this nation is descending into a morass of ignorance and no…

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Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot During Last Nights Celebration.

The Militant Negro™

Mr MilitantNegro™ Jueseppi B Mr MilitantNegro™
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Two officers were shot in front of the Ferguson Police Department shortly after midnight as protesters gathered following the resignation of the city’s embattled police chief, a spokesman for the county police department says. Their conditions are unknown and no further details are immediately available, the spokesman says.

The shots were fired as what had earlier been a crowd of about 150 people had begun to dwindle, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Some protesters fell to the ground and others ran. A huge police presence, including officers in riot gear, later surrounded the department.


The shooting occurred after several dozen protesters had gathered in front of the Ferguson police department but has not been connected to the protesters. [Reuters] The shooting occurred after several dozen protesters had gathered in front of the Ferguson police department but has not been connected to the protesters. [Reuters] Two police officers have been shot during a protest outside a police station in the US city of Ferguson, Missouri, witnesses said.

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Barack Announces Student Aid Bill Of Rights At Georgia Institute Of Technology.

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President Obama Signs a Presidential Memorandum on College Opportunity

Published on Mar 10, 2015

On March 10, 2015, President Obama delivered remarks on making college more affordable before singing a Presidential Memorandum that supports the President’s Student Aid Bill of Rights. Learn more:

President Obama Speaks on Education at Georgia Tech

Published on Mar 10, 2015

President Obama will be delivering remarks on education in Atlanta at Georgia Tech.


Remarks by the President Announcing Student Aid Bill of Rights

Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia

1:51 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Atlanta!  Hello, Yellow Jackets!  (Applause.)  This is a pretty good-looking crowd here!  (Applause.)


THE PRESIDENT:  He says thank you.  (Laughter.)  I wasn’t directing it specifically at you, but you do look pretty good — what do you think?  (Laughter.)  I mean, I may not be the gauge — you should…

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The wonder of a little one….



Jasper is one of my little nephews and he is three. His delight at finding a packet of marbles in his Christmas cracker was a joy to behold. ‘Are they mine to keep?’ he asked. ‘Yes’ we all answered and I knelt down and said I would show him how to play ‘marble run’. There followed much joy and cries of ‘Yay’ with all the family clapping as marbles clanked together along the front room carpet. His Mum and Dad have now bought him more marbles and if I close my eyes I can see his beaming face as he plays with them.

There is magic in moments of ‘wonder’……

Mum coming in to give me earrings that perfectly match a new outfit I have put together (with a top gifted by Emily – oohh her keen eye and fashion sense lifts my wardrobe every time).

Emily’s need for a…

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Croatia: Tourism And Ecosystems Fret As Offshore Drilling Rushed

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Pristine Croatian Coast Pristine Croatian Coast (Click photo to enlarge)

Millions of tourists visit the beautiful Adriatic coast of Croatia every year and indeed are the ones to whom Croatian economy, no matter how deeply in tatters, owes much gratitude. However, the current government’s increasing acceleration and rush to get going with offshore drilling looking for oil and gas speaks of the government’s path to destroy one successful industry – tourism – in order to gamble with another: oil and gas production. The Croatian government keeps saying that there could be oil and gas deposits in its part of the Adriatic worth billions of Euro and, if so, these could turn Croatia into a major energy heavyweight country that could be crucial in reducing Europe’s reliance on Russian energy imports.

Few weeks ago the Croatian government awarded 10 licences for hydrocarbon exploration and drilling in the Adriatic to three consortia, which together paid…

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