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I am a retired widow with 4 kids and 9 grands. I worked as a nurse, and in Domestic Violence, and many non-profits, I was a donor health counselor for the American Red Cross and am a certified HIV counselor. I worked as a counselor and I have been a make-up artist and selling specialists for several American designers. I love life. I am very spiritual. I grew up in 50's and 60's and truly am the idealistic rebel which is the name of my blog. I love music, books, reading, Kindle, beauty. I am a photographer and an artist. I believe in making the world better one day at a time. I am now living in Asheville, NC.

San Bernardino School Shooting: How Do You Explain Murder to a Child?

Writing With Hope

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My daughter is brave, smart, and, I’ve been, told advanced. But could her little body manage a bullet fired by a gunman who bursts into her classroom with revenge on his mind, fueled by psychotic anger blinding him from all rationality? Parents in San Bernardino are asking themselves a similar question, as their city suffered yet another tragic shooting. This time at an elementary school, no less.

A special-education classroom at North Park Elementary on Monday received a surprise visit from a familiar man who regularly visited the school, where his wife taught. But on this day, he stormed in with a gun firing despite a room full of kids ranging from 1st graders to 4th graders. His wife died at the scene in the hail of bullets, and an 8-year-old boy who was critically wounded died later that day at a local hospital. A…

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On friends: two poems and one not-poem

the dancing professor


Rebecca Lindenberg, Letter to a Friend, Unsent

I haven’t written        in a while
because I don’t want to talk
                         about anything
I’ve been unable to stop
thinking about: the knotted thread
            of bad capillaries on my retinae,
money, or that my morning was ruined
by the unusual tightness
             of jeans around my thighs,
like the obligations
of having a body
so ill-fitting, oppressively snug
            around an obstinate will.
And while       I don’t want
            to be distracted
from this Duchamp thing
I’ve been working on—     I am
itched out of reverie
                       over and over again
by this feeling I don’t deserve
my raptures…

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Lesson From Dad XIX ! / Masks .

Just beautiful my friend.


As we get older the masks begin to fall.

Like Autumn yellow dry leaves.

Those whom we thought would stay.

Left , leaving painful feelings behind.

Like thorns penetrate the hearts to bleed.

And those whom we thought they won’t stay .

They left their beautiful passion with us.

So my son have as many friends you can .

Those who leave and those who will stay,

You can not forget nor what the leave behind.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh –

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A #lifeinleggings: Caribbean women’s movement fights sex assaults, harassment

No woman has to live with violence. No matter what country you live in or what color you are in. Violence is a crime. What a brave and wonderful thing you have started. Hugs, Barbara

Repeating Islands


A report by Rebekah Kebede for Reuters.

A Caribbean-wide movement to fight violence against women started in a truly pedestrian way – with one woman’s walk to work.

Ronelle King was on her daily commute in Bridgetown, Barbados, when a man tried to pull her into his car after she refused his offer of a ride. She reported it to police, only to have them shrug it off.

That’s when King decided to share her experience publicly and encourage other women to do the same. She posted on Facebook, using #lifeinleggings as a social media hashtag for her campaign.

Within a day, #lifeinleggings took off, with women in Barbados recounting stories from street harassment to sexual assault. By the next day, #lifeinleggings island-hopped to Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

On Saturday, women in seven Caribbean countries linked by the #lifeinleggings movement plan to hold marches for women’s rights.


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Donald Trump, trade wars and shooting wars

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Plans To ‘Sharply’ Increase Military Spending

27 February 2017

President Trump will instruct federal agencies on Monday to assemble a budget for the coming fiscal year that includes sharp increases in Defense Department spending and drastic enough cuts to domestic agencies that he can keep his promise to leave Social Security and Medicare alone, according to four senior administration officials.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

Trump proposes huge hike in military and police spending

28 February 2017

The Trump administration sent instructions to federal agencies Monday proposing a $54 billion increase in spending for the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies and the Department of Homeland Security, to be offset by $54 billion in cuts for other agencies, mainly those involved in domestic social services and regulation of business.

Trump’s budget outline sets the stage for his first address to Congress…

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Will never forgive but also will never forget.

Elicafrank's Blog

We sat there ‘to talk’ i kept ignoring you and concentrating on the coffee mug , but every time I looked up you were staring at me blankly without any emotion on your face. Finally I had to speak up.”Please stop doing this to me” I bow my head tgid your intense gaze.

“Doing what?”you asked me in confusion and reached out to hold my hand seeing the expression on my face.

“Making me feel like you want me, looking at me like you love me” I met your eyes and I didn’t think twice to stop my tears from falling because,

this-was it ! No longer could I pretend I know nothing about you and her and the thing that was going on.

“Please stop acting like I am special, please stop holding my hands like you don’t want it to let go, please stop acting like you care…

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Why I dont believe in first impressions

Ranjith's shortreads

Was never a big fan of first impressions. I always believe you cant figureout a person just by being judgmental about that guy in the first meeting. Being judgmental, I believe is the root cause of a lot of problems.First impression is us being judgemental.

A person will surely have layers so first impressions dont grant anything.. At least, when we are planning for a long run

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DAPL protesters brace for police showdown as camp evacuation deadline looms

I have been following the struggle at Standing Rock. I hope the other nations will keep up the fight.

The Wallager

by RT America  |  Feb 22, 2017

The deadline for the evacuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp finally arrives Wednesday, but several demonstrators have declared they will not leave and are bracing for a stand-off with law enforcement.

DAPL protesters brace for police showdown as camp evacuation deadline loomsSince last August, the Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota has served as the base of operations for many Native Americans and environmental activists as they protested the pipeline project which they say threatens the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

The tribe says the pipeline is being constructed on sacred Native American land and will pass through Lake Oahe, their primary source of drinking water. If completed, the $3.8 billion pipeline project will carry oil from northwest North Dakota to Illinois, passing through South Dakota and Iowa.

Citing concerns over spring flooding and environmental risks from “human waste generated” by the camp population, North Dakota Governor Doug…

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