Civil Society Organizations Mobilize to Monitor Jamaican Policies

This is a great organization. was it your idea? If it was, it is an excellent one. be well my friend, Barbara

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Jamaica has several lobby groups advocating on behalf of marginalized communities. It has “watchdogs” that keep an eye on what the Government of the day is doing (or not doing) in relation to specific issues of concern to these communities. But could the watchdogs sharpen their skills some more? Tomorrow will see the opening of an important training session that will enhance the research capabilities and advocacy skills of several civil society organizations. Here is today’s press release:


AT LEAST eight civil society organisations (CSOs) will on Tuesday (July 26, 2016) benefit from the first in a series of training sessions designed to boost their ability to monitor human rights and governance issues in Jamaica.

 The organizations will focus on human rights violations, especially where marginalized groups are concerned and also gender-equity issues.

The training is being conducted under the two-year project titled Improved Civil Society Capacity for Research-Based…

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