Bio: I am a retired widow with 4 kids and 9 grands. I worked as a nurse, and in Domestic Violence, and many non-profits, I was a donor health counselor for the American Red Cross and am a certified HIV counselor. I worked as a counselor and I have been a make-up artist and selling specialists for several American designers. I love life. I am very spiritual. I grew up in 50's and 60's and truly am the idealistic rebel which is the name of my blog. I love music, books, reading, Kindle, beauty. I am a photographer and an artist. I believe in making the world better one day at a time. I am now living in Asheville, NC.

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  1. Asheville ?! Father and I moved here to Greensboro NC last January after 60 years in Miami. I love it except Florida does not have a state income tax and am pissed off about that. I was a high school teacher there so I admire and respect your career choices.

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