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Violence Against Women, Part 2: Gently Unplugging the Patriarchy

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Who feels it, knows it.

Although the Sixteen Days of Activism following the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women officially ended yesterday (Human Rights Day), I had to write this postscript to Jamaica’s official recognition of that day – a carefully structured but ultimately dissatisfying exercise. There was a catalog of woes; much hand-wringing; much talk of what we “must do”; what there “needs to be.” 

Well actually, this is much more than a postscript. This was an evening that addressed “root causes,” something that UNAIDS‘ Dr. Pierre Somse had urged the Bureau of Women’s Affairs to consider deeply at the earlier meeting. “We are always talking about the symptoms” of violence against women, observed Sherene, who works for Prana.

Who are Prana? They are a small communications and PR company that specializes in wellness and positive lifestyle brands. Prana has just…

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The Disappeared Ones

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Just imagine: Your husband goes to work one day, and never returns? Your teenage daughter goes out to visit a friend, saying “See you later!” and that is the last time you ever see her? Your mother is at home and gets a knock on the door, and when you come home, she is gone? You search and make enquiries and telephone calls. Days, weeks, months – years – pass, and you hear nothing. Life goes on around you as if nothing has happened. Can you imagine?

Today (August 30, 2015) is the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances.

In the past, there have been notorious cases of mass disappearances; under dictatorships in Argentina and Chile, for example. During Argentina’s “Dirty War,” (Guerra Sucia) from 1976 to 1983, roughly 30,000 citizens disappeared under the brutal military regime that seized power during a period of instability. The government called it…

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Murderers, Evil & the Absence of Empathy

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einsatzgruppen executions

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Like so many people this week I was stunned, shocked and sickened by the execution style murders of Roanoke Virginia reporters Allison Parker and Adam Ward by former reporter Vester Flanagan. Then later in the week the same type of murder of Houston Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth by a man named Shannon Miles. The first was particularly upsetting as a local news station had a story on it early in the day with a video, which I thought was their coverage, but instead it was the live video which had been broadcast at the moment of the shooting. Then I saw the pictures published by the New York Daily News taken by Flanagan as he shot Allison Parker. Those pictures which showed Flanagan’s view down his gun sight as he aimed, fired and aimed again were chilling. They are so troubling that I will not…

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NYPD undercover cop shoots at suspect armed with fake gun, fatally shoots bystander Felix Kumi

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NYPD undercover cop fires at suspect armed with fake gun, fatally shoots bystander

A weapons sting operation went terribly wrong when an undercover NYPD officer, who was threatened with a replica gun by a robber, shot and killed a 61-year-old passerby, Felix Kumi, instead of disabling the ‘gunman.’

The bystander, identified as Felix Kumi, died of two torso wounds on Saturday, police said. The gunman had attempted to rob the undercover officer just as he was about to buy a gun from a suspected illegal arms dealer in a vehicle as part of the Friday operation. The robber was reportedly hit three times as he was running away.

The number of hits, however, was a far cry from the total number of shots fired by the cop from NYPD’s Firearms Investigations Unit. According to witness reports and police statements cited by the New…

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Tony Soto’s Police Abuse Video Series-Part 1

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

“I’m going to set my phone back down before I get shot and they say that I’m reaching for something.” Tony says to the camera sitting, waiting and wondering why the cop suddenly -and strangely- decided to move to the other side of the street without speaking to him again during his ‘traffic stop’. – Tony Soto

That face you make when you go to court and the Sun Screening ( illegal Tint as The Police Call It ) ticket gets thrown out. That's the first one! Thank you Jesus! Shout out to my attorneys! I recommend them to anyone in Philly! The Law Offices Of Greg Prosmushkin 9637 Bustleton Ave Philadelphia PA 19115 “That face you make when you go to court and the Sun Screening ( illegal Tint as The Police Call It ) ticket gets thrown out. That’s the first one! Thank you Jesus! Shout out to my attorneys! I recommend them to anyone in Philly!
The Law Offices Of Greg Prosmushkin
9637 Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia PA 19115″

This video was released back in late March; soon thereafter it went viral. But there are far more videos from Tony besides that one video; videos which only further confirm the blatant point which is: Tony…

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Michfest – going home, leaving home

Listening to Lesbians

I close my eyes and I am back in the Michigan woods, lying in fern and leaf litter, listening to the woods and the voices of women. I open my eyes and the shadow of leaves and voices remain while the sounds of Australian birds and the smell of Australian plants intrude. They’re not ferns, but they’re what I have and they are glorious.

Banksia Not remotely fernlike… This year, for my first and only time, I went to Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, started by Lisa Vogel 40 years ago. I had gone with as few expectations as possible, helped by the flurry of activity in the weeks before I left and the daze I walked through the gate in.

The experience was a revelation, in expected and unexpected ways.

While listening to CC Carter sing about her hips, I realised with a rush that this is what representation might feel…

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