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On friends: two poems and one not-poem

the dancing professor


Rebecca Lindenberg, Letter to a Friend, Unsent

I haven’t written        in a while
because I don’t want to talk
                         about anything
I’ve been unable to stop
thinking about: the knotted thread
            of bad capillaries on my retinae,
money, or that my morning was ruined
by the unusual tightness
             of jeans around my thighs,
like the obligations
of having a body
so ill-fitting, oppressively snug
            around an obstinate will.
And while       I don’t want
            to be distracted
from this Duchamp thing
I’ve been working on—     I am
itched out of reverie
                       over and over again
by this feeling I don’t deserve
my raptures…

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Lesson From Dad XIX ! / Masks .

Just beautiful my friend.


As we get older the masks begin to fall.

Like Autumn yellow dry leaves.

Those whom we thought would stay.

Left , leaving painful feelings behind.

Like thorns penetrate the hearts to bleed.

And those whom we thought they won’t stay .

They left their beautiful passion with us.

So my son have as many friends you can .

Those who leave and those who will stay,

You can not forget nor what the leave behind.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh –

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A #lifeinleggings: Caribbean women’s movement fights sex assaults, harassment

No woman has to live with violence. No matter what country you live in or what color you are in. Violence is a crime. What a brave and wonderful thing you have started. Hugs, Barbara

Repeating Islands


A report by Rebekah Kebede for Reuters.

A Caribbean-wide movement to fight violence against women started in a truly pedestrian way – with one woman’s walk to work.

Ronelle King was on her daily commute in Bridgetown, Barbados, when a man tried to pull her into his car after she refused his offer of a ride. She reported it to police, only to have them shrug it off.

That’s when King decided to share her experience publicly and encourage other women to do the same. She posted on Facebook, using #lifeinleggings as a social media hashtag for her campaign.

Within a day, #lifeinleggings took off, with women in Barbados recounting stories from street harassment to sexual assault. By the next day, #lifeinleggings island-hopped to Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

On Saturday, women in seven Caribbean countries linked by the #lifeinleggings movement plan to hold marches for women’s rights.


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