Gronda Morin

Middle East Map Middle East Map

Al Jazeera put the question about how to solve a problem like Syria, to four Middle East experts with varying world viewpoints. This news outlet published their perspectives on 10/1/15.

The first interview was with  Randa Selim, Director of the Initiative for Track II Dialogues at the DC-based Middle East Institute and non-resident fellow at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Foreign Policy Institute. The following are excerpts from her posting:

“Talking with Assad will neither defeat ISIL nor achieve a political solution. Instead, the US, Europe, and their regional allies should talk to his Russian and Iranian sponsors, while increasing military pressure on the ground to deny them and Assad a military victory in Syria.”

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his wife, Asma Assad Syrian President Bashar Assad and his wife, Asma Assad

“The West looks at the Syrian conflict through three lenses: First, the security threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant…

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