How To Speak Irish Like You Were Raised By A Leprechaun

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The Return of the Modern Philosopher

irishOne of the really fun things about spending time with and getting to know someone from another country is learning all the interesting quirks about her language.

One would think that The Sweet Irish Girl would speak English properly since Ireland is so close to England, but apparently, her people speak a version of it that is peculiar and sometimes difficult to understand.

Thankfully, she says it all in this adorable accent that just makes it sound like the words are tickling my ears.

I have been doing my best to learn how to translate her intriguing turns of phrase so that the words go in one ear Irish and come out the other in American.

Despite my amazing efforts to improve international relations between our nations, The Sweet Irish Girl did admit this morning that she sometimes curses at me in Gaelic when I’m being difficult.

Even more reason…

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