A #lifeinleggings: Caribbean women’s movement fights sex assaults, harassment

No woman has to live with violence. No matter what country you live in or what color you are in. Violence is a crime. What a brave and wonderful thing you have started. Hugs, Barbara

Repeating Islands


A report by Rebekah Kebede for Reuters.

A Caribbean-wide movement to fight violence against women started in a truly pedestrian way – with one woman’s walk to work.

Ronelle King was on her daily commute in Bridgetown, Barbados, when a man tried to pull her into his car after she refused his offer of a ride. She reported it to police, only to have them shrug it off.

That’s when King decided to share her experience publicly and encourage other women to do the same. She posted on Facebook, using #lifeinleggings as a social media hashtag for her campaign.

Within a day, #lifeinleggings took off, with women in Barbados recounting stories from street harassment to sexual assault. By the next day, #lifeinleggings island-hopped to Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

On Saturday, women in seven Caribbean countries linked by the #lifeinleggings movement plan to hold marches for women’s rights.


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