A Glimpse of Psychiatric Unit

A slightly different perspective. Hugs, Barbara

sweety5225's Blog


If this is your first time being Backer Acted you might be so overcome by frightening behaviors of the people there. A psy unit has many types of people with mental illnesses. Schizophrenics yelling obscene curse words, comatose individuals, depressed and bipolar individuals roaming the hallway. While others stay bedridden and refuse to eat and just sleep. After your admitted the psy tech does paperwork, your weighed and staff performs a body check on you. You have to undress and put on a gown. They show you the room you are assigned to and the rules of the psy unit are told to you. You see a psychiatrist and a medical doctor. They decide what medications will be given. You are a prisoner now, no access to the outside. You think maybe you don’t belong here because you’re not as bad as the others. You separate yourself from them. Nurses…

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