Her dad died, her kids were grown,her husband ignored her, she decided to find her own 5 reasons for using flowers to experience her own inner joy and peace

Brilliant. Hugs, Barbara

The London Flower Lover

Beloved Flower Lover,

She stood looking out of the bedroom window staring at Calla Lillies. Her father had planted them and each year they just got bigger.She never ever thought to cut them and bring them into the house even though she would buy roses to put into vases.

Not the easiest month. No way. She had all the usual suspects going on, health, finances, romance,parenting, community issues. Her father had just died. Her mother had died three years prior.She had the family house now, yet she also had any and every issues you can imagine. She either had had it or was going through it now.

Yet she had been learning that she had inner abilities to make her life bloom. She  had been learning about her divine self image and knew she had to use her imagination for something else,other than worry. So she turned to flowers becaused she…

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