Holy Ground at Smitty’s: Honouring One Another’s Stepping Stones

May you and your blog be blessed and light fill your life. Hugs, Barbara

Reluctant Mysticism

thumb_IMG_2267_1024 At Smitty’s in Camrose.

My First Nations and Metis friends often tell me how bereft of ceremony white culture is. Having been honoured over the past decade to be a part of indigenous ceremonies to varying degrees, I would have to agree. We gloss over coming-of-ages, the starting of new homes, or the journeys we take in our pursuits of God.

However, even within Euro-Christian culture there are traditions and celebrations that connect us to the Holy and to one another. I see these more visible expressions in the liturgical church I’ve become a part in the last four years or so; less so in evangelical traditions (but they’re there).

Not being one for high degrees of visibility in ceremony or celebration, it’s a truth that has taken some getting used to for me. But the more I encounter these holy spaces — these stepping stones of our lives — the more…

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