Do you believe…

Gigi. I loved this poem. I am reblogging. Hugs, Barbara

Rethinking Life

…that being nice
will save the world

…that ignoring things
makes them go away

…that all people
are equal

…that there is no reason
for anyone to go without
food shelter education care

…that America is a great country

…that being accepting
is a good thing

…that we can stop what’s happening
in Washington

…that animal skin should be used
for clothing furniture and all the rest

…that animals should be experimented upon
and eaten

…that anyone is better
than anyone else

…that the rich should be able
to keep everyone else poor

…that we aren’t constantly
being manipulated

…that truth exists
other than on a personal basis

…that men hate women
as a group

…that Native Americans
should take back the land
that was stolen from them

…that men should not be allowed
in government for the next 500 years

…that any man who intentionally
harms a woman or…

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