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Our Cup Runneth Over

Really great photographs. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Gardens For Goldens


They call it a Pineapple Express. An atmospheric river. A once in twenty-five year event. We call it water. And lots of it. This was the river just a year ago:


This year, Winter announced itself, first with a hard frost,


and now, rain. Lots and lots of rain.


After five years of drought, the water is welcome – but the height of our rivers and streams is downright scary. This is a warm storm off the Pacific, so the water melts the snow in the Sierra, and just when you think you’ve been through the thick of it, the rivers swell further with runoff. Sacramento is second only to New Orleans in flood risk. I was here in 1986 as the the water rose so high it brushed the bottom of bridges and the levees failed. If you have any sway with the rain gods, would you kindly ask…

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The Writer’s Arrow

Excellent word craft

Little quill on an inkwell rests. The stationary lives up to its name. Ideas die in wait on a solid oak desk where an empty chair defies its game. Silence echoes your nothings. A woodpecker pecks on your window frame with intensity that rattles his brain. He needs to eat.

The poor starve. Their bellies ache.

“So it is with the world!” you shout into the pillow.

No one hears you from your bed where you scratch notes. The pencil line you draw with those words simply chases its tail around your margins. You break the lead. You crumple the paper and throw it across the room. At least the paper sees some action. It flies through the air and lands just short of your garbage bin. You leave it there with a few of its cousins. You pull up the covers and sleep among your eraser droppings.

Don’t you…

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21 Rules to Live Your Life

Here are some great new years resolutions.

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

In the final days of his life, the mythical Japanese samurai Musashi Miyamoto retreated to a cave called the Reigandō. (Spirit Rock Cave) In that cave he spent the final months of his life meditating and writing his views on the world. While secluded in the cave he wrote, “Dokkōdō”. The Dokkōdō contains his very own soul.

The Dokkōdō means “The Path of Aloneness” or “The Way to be Followed Alone” . Musashi wrote this work a week before his death. It is 21 lines long, each line containing a different idea one would live by.


1. Accept Everything Just The Way It Is.

Beautiful advice. Rather than worry or fret about what’s going on around you, accept it.
Too often we struggle trying to change things that cannot be changed. When one accepts things as they are, they are free to pursue their true purpose as opposed to fighting…

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Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated

Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement: Shining Freedom, Justice and Equality Upon All

The Thirteenth Amendment marked the discursive link between the civilly dead felon and the slave or social nonperson… Once the connection to prisons and slaves had been made, slavery could resurface under other names… – Colin Dayan

Amerika is a slave state. A nation of which its wealth and prestige rest upon the subjugation and exploitation of other humans. In Amerika this process of transforming People from humans into slaves is carried out through the “Rule of Law.” Slavery is “legal” in the United States. We do not mean it was legal, but it is legal, and has always – in one form or another – been a corner-stone of the hierarchal structure of Amerikan society. That slavery remains legal in the U.S., though disturbing, is not as shocking as the fact that the vast majority of U.S…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

Have a wonderful new year Emma and Happy Birthday to you.

Petchary's Blog

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is on the theme “Resilient.” I thought of the resilience of humans. In the past year, there have been many stories of resilience, in Jamaica and around the world: Aleppo, Yemen, the plight of migrants and refugees. Resilience is not just about strength and toughness. It’s also about overcoming obstacles and getting back on your feet, even if it’s a struggle to do so. Its literal meaning in scientific terms is being stretchy, flexible and able to spring back – like elastic, or like that wonderful family in the animated film The Incredibles. This, of course, makes you strong and more capable of withstanding shocks.

What an amazing word to describe the Jamaican people, I thought – in particular, Jamaican women of all ages, who face more than their fair share of hardships in different ways. I looked back a few years, and recalled…

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Spicy Ranch Pretzels

Staycation Atlanta


Spicy Pretzels are addictive and so very good!

How to make them?

One cup of Vegetable oil

one package of Ranch dressing

one tsp of Cayenne pepper

one tsp of garlic powder

Mix them all together. Preheat oven to 250. Oh 1 pound of pretzels spread out on two cookie sheets and pour the mixture over pretzels. Bake for one hour to an hour and a half.cayenne-pretzels_exps15766_w101973175d09_07_2b_rms Try it! I promise you will love them.

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