Burden the Bartender

Good blog about the importance of looking not at what is outside; race, gender, disability,etc. We need to take the time and appreciate the inner person. Hugs, Barbara


I work in a restaurant that caters to an older clientele and so of course I anticipate the fact that my tattoos are inevitably going to raise a few brows. It’s the choice I’ve made and I get it and I live with it, although my grandmother can’t. In favor of college tuition, she’s started a savings account in my name for when I’m “ready to have them removed.” In other words, that money isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But that’s the older generation and I completely appreciate your opinion just watch what you do with it.

Tonight, as I’m talking to some regulars at the bar, I see the older man on 107 raise his eyebrows. He’s obviously completely unaware of the fact that I can see him, based upon the way he digs his elbow into his frail wife’s side and points in my direction. Makes an…

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