Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated

Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement: Shining Freedom, Justice and Equality Upon All

The Thirteenth Amendment marked the discursive link between the civilly dead felon and the slave or social nonperson… Once the connection to prisons and slaves had been made, slavery could resurface under other names… – Colin Dayan

Amerika is a slave state. A nation of which its wealth and prestige rest upon the subjugation and exploitation of other humans. In Amerika this process of transforming People from humans into slaves is carried out through the “Rule of Law.” Slavery is “legal” in the United States. We do not mean it was legal, but it is legal, and has always – in one form or another – been a corner-stone of the hierarchal structure of Amerikan society. That slavery remains legal in the U.S., though disturbing, is not as shocking as the fact that the vast majority of U.S…

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