Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

Have a wonderful new year Emma and Happy Birthday to you.

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This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is on the theme “Resilient.” I thought of the resilience of humans. In the past year, there have been many stories of resilience, in Jamaica and around the world: Aleppo, Yemen, the plight of migrants and refugees. Resilience is not just about strength and toughness. It’s also about overcoming obstacles and getting back on your feet, even if it’s a struggle to do so. Its literal meaning in scientific terms is being stretchy, flexible and able to spring back – like elastic, or like that wonderful family in the animated film The Incredibles. This, of course, makes you strong and more capable of withstanding shocks.

What an amazing word to describe the Jamaican people, I thought – in particular, Jamaican women of all ages, who face more than their fair share of hardships in different ways. I looked back a few years, and recalled…

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