White Supremacists Have Control of our Elected Offices, our Militia, Police, Guns, Christian Congregations, and the Media, . . . but we shouldn’t be alarmed.

This is worth your time to read.

les Girondins

Simone Segouin was a lover, but when the Nazis invaded her beloved France, she grabbed her gun and joined the French Resistance. At only 18 years-old, she became the symbol of a femme de guerre, sharp-shooting right alongside her male counterparts. We can thank her, in part, for freeing the ultimate city of love, Paris.

I’ve been advocating against gun violence now for quite some time. In disbelief that so many children and educators have to risk their lives to attend school, all because some idiot in the south loves guns more than people. However, now, I understand what they’ve been doing all these years. Since the civil war. Since the abolishment of slavery. They’ve been stocking up for another war. Still bitter about the one they lost. Scary doesn’t even begin to capture my sentiments.

I don’t like guns or violence. But I know my history, and I am…

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