Lardy Arms

Perhaps karma for your thoughts. Chuckle. Hugs, Barbara


What can I do for you? The haircut lady asked? I’d like a haircut please, I told her. What kind of snip are you looking for, she responded. The kind that’s going to get me in bed with you, I thought.

She had a beautiful face, dark brown hair, knockers the size of Connecticut, that’s right C cups. I didn’t notice a ring either, so perhaps she is on the market.

Her only flaws took place under her arms. They had more jiggle flap then one would desire, but everyone has cellulite to some degree and it was the Holidays, so I felt it was in season to be less shallow.

I’ll have a three all over, I responded.

Come follow me, she insisted. I did so and was guided to a chair. I took my seat, looked at my reflection and noticed a clock on the upper right corner…

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