ugly world

I love what you wrote. All haters do is make others uncomfortable and never have a suggestion how to fix anything. I believe in saying nothing in that situation. Hugs and love, Barbara


Recently, I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to one of my favorite web sites that provides me with free music in the form of ‘podcasts’ all year round ?

I logged in, and wrote a comment of thanks. Then I started reading the other comments….

There was page after page of hateful, ugly comments!

I can say that, in the past, I suffered from resentment, but have never really been a ‘hater’ in the sense of the term we use today.

Just because we now have the internet, the haters now have an anonymous way of spewing ugly hate onto the world.

This to me, has nothing to do with ‘free speach’ as it doesn’t really have anything to offer to the reader, other than ugly language. IMO.

I remember a poster years ago that said: ‘no haters here’. LOL. The poster was hating the haters. LOL. Quite funny…

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