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Throughout the history of our young nation, the American government has, time and time again, trodden on the rights and disrespected the existence of our minority populations. But, they have treated no one more despicably than the first people of America, the Indigenous peoples.

Recently we saw this disrespect most apparent in the national protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The DAPL is a 3.7 billion dollar underground pipeline that was routed to go through ancient tribal lands and a major water source in the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. During the protest, militarized police forces were sent out to try and crush their rebellion, a violation of their first amendment rights. Protesters were abused by the police with attack dogs, pepper spray, water cannons, rubber bullets, mace, they were beaten, and arrested. All for exercising their rights, and protesting the violation of their property. Which, technically they shouldn’t have to…

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