What kind of despotism we should fear?

Patrisya M.

Democracy in America by Tocqueville has been the best book that I have read in 20016. It is toc-bookbeautifully written book on democracy and its perils. Through insightful observation of American democracy Tocqueville understood not only American system but also political situation of European countries. Tocqueville is one of the few philosophers, who offered unbiased analysis of democratic system. The beginning of the book might suggest that he was deeply impressed with American democracy. However, the further you go into book the more illuminating it becomes. Tocqueville warns us that democracy might be a source of a serious and very hard to overcome evils.  Those evils are: tyranny of majority, tyranny of individualism, tyranny of materialism and tyranny of centralized and protective state. While each of these tyrannies are worth discussion, I would like to focus on the tyranny of centralized and protective state because I believe it is the…

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