Chronicles of a Freelancer

I enjoyed you work a lot. Hugs, Barbara

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It’s been a while since I’ve done any Freelance work. I’ve been too busy with other things, commonly lumped into the category of life. There’s the real, full-time job. There’s the part-time job that would be the ideal career if it could only pay the bills. There’s friends, family, countless hours of un-watched Netflix programming, and the day-to-day inconsequential. Like all writers, however, there is no part of my day where my mind isn’t working on a story.

Now we have reached the holiday lull, and the summer days that were so busy are now seeking shelter from the blistering winds of winter. While people are trying to hunker down, my story ideas are stepping out to get some fresh air. That’s all well and good, since the purpose of a story is to be told. But more importantly, for any writer, is the prospect of being paid for…

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