The Little Girl Ignored

A Life in a Flawed Body

You are the one who sets the tone, you place the bar no matter how high or low. You pave the way for every man that comes in after you.
Your the one who’s standards determine our standards before we even realize that we are supposed to have standards
Your the one we all believe in, no if and or buts, we hold on for so long no matter if your right or if your wrong it’s you that we want flaws and all, it’s standing on your shoulders when we conquer them all.
You’re the one that saves the day, sets the mood feels the space.
The part of us that you control makes up everything In life we have and hold.
Jealousy starts when you’re not around, or when we are not the ones that wears your precious crown
You’re the one who makes it ok, for everyone…

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