Don’t Label Me Black OR African American. I’m A Negro.

The Militant Negro™


There is always a ton of misinformation whirling around race and racism. From the invention of humanity there has been a preponderance of lies to fool Negroes into believing they are/were inferior to caucasian/Europeans. I am NOT an educator nor am I any teacher. As House Coon Charles Barkley used to say, “I’m NOT A Role Model.”

I am also not a slave. The term Negro is derived from the race Negroid. There are only three races. Negroid. Mongoloid. Caucasoid. 

1Screenshot (1688)

Now ever wonder why Negroes were given a label, Black, that is also connected with everything negative in this world?

Blackballed. Blacklisted. Blackmailed. Blackheads. The Blackhand. Blackout. Blackface. Black-knight. Bad guys were Black. Black equals negativity, evil, un-pure.


Now the word white signifies purity, cleanliness, sanitation, virginity. If that’s not proff enough that this world was designed to keep Negroes oppressed by how we view ourselves and each other…..



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