Ice Cream For Dinner

Glad to see you again.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

humor, life, stress, coping, ice cream, Modern PhilosopherYou can probably tell from the title of the post what kind of day I’ve had, Modern Philosophers.

Very early in the afternoon, as my lunch salad sat heavily in my stomach and the work day dragged slowly on, I made a decision about tonight’s dinner menu.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, picked up my supplies, and headed home for a sundae dinner to be eaten while watching the Yankees game.

Does adulthood get any better than that?

Isn’t he trying to lose weight?  Isn’t ice cream for dinner a bad thing?  Doesn’t that mean he’s totally lost it?

I’ve been working way too much, running far more than I enjoy, not sleeping enough, and pretty much drifting through life in a fog.

I haven’t lost it.  I just needed to do something so ridiculous and bad for me to have any real shot at…

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