Mary J. Blige: Black Folk Can Be Stupid TOO!!

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.

Black folk need to go sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up. Especially this “Black” folk in particular:

One, Madame Noire, also hit out at Blige for doing the ad:

“You know what desperate execs do when they need to make money? They hurriedly throw together clichéd, often stereotypical, advertising campaigns. And that’s where you came in, Mary. Having a black woman sing about chicken was no mistake. They’re trying to reach the ‘urban’ (aka black) demographic. And God knows black folk, won’t buy anything unless there’s a song, and preferably a dance, attached to it.

“You are the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, not a court jester for the so-called King of Burgers.”

This “Madame Noire” don’t speak for me, or Black America. Does it make a difference to “Madame Noire”, when Nike uses LeBron dunking a basketball? Is “Madame Noire”…

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