California Primary: Returning to the Scene of Crime

The Most Revolutionary Act


By Greg Pallast and Dennis Bernstein

Editor: How can California declare Clinton the winner of the primary when 96% of the votes were never received by election officials? I love the one about the guy who had to call the police before the poll workers allowed him to vote.

This week on The Best Democracy Money Can Buy — Election Crimes Bulletin — the Crime Scene: California. The Crime? Two million votes still not counted. One million ballots already disqualified, thrown away. Another million so-called provisional “placebo” ballots. Here’s the story of the voting horror show you won’t get on Fox or MSDNC.

[Transcript: Originally broadcast June 8, 2016]

ennis J Bernstein:This week, we’re going to do a postmortem on yesterday’s California primary. Greg, I know you were out there. You were also trying to vote?

Palast: I think we need to get a long piece of yellow tape…

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