Thailand: Regime defends lese majeste arrest — Activists Mother is jailed for unspecified insults to the Royal family

Peace and Freedom

Authorities coy on ‘solid evidence’ behind charges faced by activist’s mother

May 8, 2016

Behind bars: Resistance Citizen group co-leader Sirawith ‘Ja New’ Seritiwat, left, talks with his mother, Patnaree Charnkij, who is facing lese majeste and computer crime charges.

Authorities insist there is solid evidence behind the arrest of an anti-coup activist’s mother, despite information circulating online suggesting there is little to support a lese majeste charge.

Col Burin Thongprapail, a legal officer attached to the National Council for Peace and Order, said yesterday the lese majeste charge filed against Patnaree Charnkij was based on evidence which investigators were not willing to divulge to the media.

His comments came in response to unverified screen grabs circulating online of a Facebook conversation purportedly between Ms Patnaree and fellow lese majeste suspect Burin Intin, which show the only words written by Mr Patnaree were “ja” and “hur”, Thai expressions of plain acknowledgment and…

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