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A Brand New Approach to WordPress

The Sensible Leader

What would we build if we were starting from scratch today, knowing all we’ve learned over the past 13 years of building WordPress?

Matt today officially announced the new Dance to Calypso.

Today we’re announcing something brand new, a new approach to WordPress, and open sourcing the code behind it. The project, codenamed Calypso, is the culmination of more than 20 months of work by dozens of the most talented engineers and designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with (127 contributors with over 26,000 commits!).

I’m incredibly proud to be part of this effort. API-driven, JavaScript-based, responsive design, and now open source.

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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Silence allows dictators, greedy people and evil people to prey on the innocent and the poor. Never stop speaking up!

Petchary's Blog

I am sharing below a blog post from one of my favorite Jamaican tweeters. I edited it slightly as I was unable to re-blog it properly (I wish everyone was on WordPress!) @MizDurie responds to a remark by a leading local politician that those who comment on social media are irrelevant. Why? Because they are a) a minority  b) articulate and c) politically motivated. Our political leader prefers to work with the inarticulate majority of “ordinary Jamaicans” that shout at political meetings and vote blindly, without thinking about the issues. THEY are politically motivated of course – for the correct political party.

I joined three other tweeters on local radio this morning to discuss this with broadcast journalist Cliff Hughes. We agreed that we are not about to shut up, any time soon. We noted the inter-connectedness of social media, the rapidly increasing participation of more and more Jamaicans (everyone has…

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What is love?

I loved this thank you. Hugs, Barbara

A Small Act Of Kindness Can Bring Smile On Million Faces

What is love?

Love is when my mom kisses me and says mera bachha lakhon me ek hai…

Love is when you come back from work and dad says ‘arey beta! aaj bohot der ho gai

Love is when ur bhabhi says ‘ hey ladki dekhi hai tere liya, koi aur pasand ho tou bata dena’

Love is when ur brother says ‘ tu tension na le, main hu na tere saath

Love is when you r Moodless and your sis says ‘ chal kahi ghoom kay aatein hai

Love is when ur best friend hugs you and says’ abe tere bagair mazaa nahi aata yar….

These all are best moments of love…..don’t miss them in life.

Love is not only having a bf or gf.

Love you all who have been a special part of my life………..

Its love,
when a little girl puts her energy to give dad…

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“Envy”? That’s just nasty.


Hey, Cons,

You are obviously having some trouble understanding the people you govern; that ‘one nation” that you claim to represent. Now, I know, you don’t really give a shit about me, being as I didn’t and wouldn’t vote for you but you like to pretend that you do so I’m going to pretend that this little post will make any difference beyond its cathartic value.

The anger and frustration you are witnessing and feigning hurt feelings over, is due to the consistent gaps, in most matters, between your arrogant, clichéd, repetitive rhetoric and what you actually do and don’t do.

The tax fiasco you preside over is of your making. You are the law makers. You have had six years to draw a clear line between what is legal and what isn’t. You want to imagine that we conflate legitimate government schemes with tax evasion but it is you…

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