Dr. Jill Stein Supports Striking Verizon Workers. #JillStein2016

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Dr. Jill Stein supports striking Verizonworkers

April 14, 2016

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, released the following statement today in support of striking Verizon workers:

“We stand in solidarity with the 40,000 Verizon workers who are challenging corporate greed. Too many American companies have joined in the global race to drive workers’ wages and living standards to the bottom. As President, I will strengthen the right of workers to unionize and to stand up to corporate greed,” said Stein.

Stein pointed out that it was time for workers and unions to support independent politics, rather than blindly supporting Democratic Party politicians even when they support anti-worker initiatives such as NAFTA and the TPP, or fail to follow through on their promises to workers as Obama did after the 2008 election.


Verizon made $39 billion in profits over the last three years. Yet…

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