Mum C writes

I need to swim
Swim in the streams of your eyes
I need to bathe
Bathe in the rivers of your mouth
I need to massage
Massage the inner chambers of your ears
Like a thumb massaging strings of a guitar

I need to fit
Fit into the cave of your neck
I need to press
Press comfortably on the mounds of your chest
I need to smell
Smell the flavours of your gardens
I need to hold
Hold you like my world of wealth
Being eyed by robbers of day and night

I need to stand
Stand on toes to reach your fruit
I need to stretch
Stretch like an elastic to reach your skies
I need to feel
Feel the breaths of the pores on your skin
I need to tickle
Tickle and tease out your very shy goosebumps
And swing on your sling
To drinkā€¦

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