Japanese-Americans in concentration camps in the 1940s

We must never allow internment due to nationality or religion to ever happen again in America. Government officials are the ones who put internment camps into practice. It was after Pearl Harbor was attacked. But these were Japanese Americans who had nothing to do with the attack. We robbed them of their civil and human rights. No more caging up people because of their skin or what religion they follow. This is one of the events which are part of America’s shame.

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This video from the USA says about itself:

Seven Decades Ago the U.S. Detained 120,000 Japanese-Americans, Could it Happen Again?

11 April 2016

As Secretary of State John Kerry visits Hiroshima, Japan, site of the 1945 U.S. nuclear attack which killed 140,000 people, most of them civilians, we turn to another choice the United States made during its fight against Japan in World War II—the decision to imprison 120,000 Japanese Americans in internment camps across the U.S.—and ask: Could something like this happen again?

The 2016 presidential campaign has been marked by calls from Republican candidates to create a database of all American Muslims and to have the police patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Cruz’s proposals came after Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump told Time magazine last year he did not know if he would have supported or opposed Japanese-American internment camps had he been a leader…

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