NATO’s War of Aggression against Yugoslavia

It is not right that NATO is continuing their attacks on the former countries that used to make up Yugoslavia. I had grandparents who fled from Croatia. No population has the right to attempt to annihilate another population. Including the UN and NATO and America. Hugs, Barbara

Counter Information

Global Research, March 28, 2016

Seventeen year ago: March 1999, NATO’s war on Yugoslavia. Article originally published in 1999, published by Global Research in 2003.

General Wesley Clark (image right) , NATO’s Supreme commander in Europe, confirmed in late May [1999] that “NATO’S air campaign has not reached its peak yet and the alliance should be prepared for more civilian casualties.”.

General Clark also confirmed that “he would be seeking to increase the number of air strikes in Kosovo and expand the range of targets.

As the bombings entered their third month, there was also a noticeable change in “NATO rhetoric”. The Alliance had become increasingly unrepentant, NATO officials were no longer apologising for civilian casualties, claiming that the latter were contributing to “helping Milosevic’s propaganda machine.”

Low Intensity Nuclear War

With NATO air-strikes entering their third month…

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