Mockin’ the cacti…

Oh, I love the mocking. Good photos. Hugs, Barbara

Pouring My Art Out

a 1

Yes, in Arizona, cacti mocking is a thing…

a 2

You know, like cow tipping is a thing… somewhere…

a 3

No… it isn’t really a thing… the thing is… (and I mean as in one of my patented blog ‘things’ that is)… that this is a thing only in so far as this is a thing that my daughter and I do when we walk in the desert in Arizona…

a 4

Because, believe me, cacti do not like to be mocked…

a 5

And you do not want a bunch of angry saguaro cacti chasing you around the desert…

a 6

Okay, they can’t really chase you… unless you are on peyote… but they have ways of expressing their displeasure…

a 7

Jessica is particularly good at cacti mocking…

a 8

But she does it quickly, and then leaves the area…

a 9

But, as you can plainly see from the expression on that cacti’s face, they were not amused.

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