You Go Girls – Croatia’s First Women Run Brewery

Hats off to these young women. I wish them every happiness and success! Hugs, Barbara

Croatia, the War, and the Future

From Left: Ana Teskera and Maja SepetavecFrom Left: Ana Teskera
and Maja Sepetavec

I choose this story to mark the 2016 International Women’s Day – 8 March 2016.
It’s a story of courage, determination and enthusiasm to achieve in a country where the economy yields large unemployment figures that point to a bleak personal and community future, young people leaving the country in search for jobs elsewhere… Well I think Ana and Maja from the beautiful Zadar in Croatia are just fantastic!

Zadar, Croatia Europe's best destination 2016Zadar, Croatia
Europe’s best destination 2016

These two brewers in Croatia have created Croatia’s first women-run co-operative brewery, aiming to produce delicious, natural beer (“Blond”/reportedly comparable to American Pale Ale however its secret ingredient makes it so much tastier) while supporting their local community – in the coastal Zadar area! And what a hit it promises to be – it’s in this area that lots beer gets drunk in summer with great music festivals…

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