Author Interview: Redfern Jon Barrett


Redfern Jon Barrett is a writer and polyamory rights campaigner armed with a doctorate in literature. Author of novels The Giddy Death of the Gays & the Strange Demise of Straights and Forget Yourself (Lethe Press, 2016), his writing has featured in PinkNews, A cappella Zoo (and its tenth anniversary ‘best of’ edition), Strange Horizons, Heiresses of Russ: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction 2014, as well as Shaped by Time (National Museum of Denmark, 2012). He currently works with Guernica magazine and PEN America as a reader, dividing his time between Britain and Berlin, where he lives with his two partners and plays too many board games.

Redfern HeadshotRedfern, who were the authors who influenced your writing? I noticed on your Goodreads profile page the names Margaret Atwood, Will Self & Jeanette Winterson. Do elaborate.

Honestly I have a huge number of influences, more than I could ever hope to count…

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