Man Dies Weeks After Shooting By Off-Duty Baltimore Co. Officer

my thoughts go to the families of all the people killed this year by police. And especially to all the black me killed. Hugs, Barbara

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

As each disgusting police murdering an innocent person case reveals itself, yet again, and these wicked cops, with a twisted, hate-filled system behind them, please remember this is a daily occurrence and it has been (police brutality) for many, many, many years. But a change has happened; hope is coming.
When I started 10 or so years ago no body but me and the non-profit org against police brutality seemed to care about all of these innocent, mostly young Black males being murdered, along with elderly people (still going on). But there is hope now! A hope like I’ve never seen; Black Lives Matter and all people demanding justice for the innocent, calling for the punishment and change in this corrupt system which allows these killers and abusers to do such and then not only walk free; but also return to go back to their job as a killer…

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