Everyday Prisons – Women’s Lives Under Occupation

Media Diversified

by Samah Saleh

Hanan, a Palestinian woman, was released in a prisoner exchange, after serving five years of her life sentence. In an interview, during my research on women in Israeli prisons, Hanan closed her eyes as she described prison as no more than a series of boxes.

The boxes are connected to each other’ she explained, the distress in her voice rising ‘And we need a permit from the guards to move around. All boxes are connected to one lock, which is in the hands of the guard”.

Another woman, imprisoned for two years, says that on her release, she felt she had left a small prison to live in a larger one. In effect, to live in the occupied territories of Palestine is to live in a prison, one closed box after another, boxes that I cannot always get through, that I need permission to enter and leave…

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