Zephyranthes rosea (Pink Rain Lily)

Very uplifting. Hugs, Barbara

The Tropical Flowering Zone

Note: this post was revised on 12/9/15
Zephyranthes carinataZephyranthes rosea (Pink Rain Lily) Cuban zephyrlily, Rosy rain lily, Rose fairy lily,  or Pink rain lily, is a species of rain lily native to Peru and Colombia. They are widely cultivated as ornamentals and have become naturalized in tropical regions worldwide.  It is widely planted in warmer regions around the world and is reportedly naturalized in Florida, India, the West Indies, many of the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are common in abandoned lots and grassy areas (like lawns and meadows) that receive periodical rainfall. Hardy to USDA zones 8 to 10.

Zephyranthes roseaZephyranthes rosea Lindl. The garden. An illustrated weekly journal of horticulture in all its branches [ed. William Robinson], vol. 12: (1877)






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