Please Sign Petition: Save the Sick, Confined Elephant, Kaavan & Place in Reputable Sanctuary

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox


Please sign the following petition and share widely –  There is more action you can take further down, including details for you to send an email to Pakistani agencies urging them to release Kaavan to a sanctuary.

Please act today, every signature counts.


“A young elephant by the name of Kaavan was literally taken away from its mother in Sri Lanka back in 1985 and taken to the Pakistan Islamabad Zoo. Ever since that time this baby lived in a concrete enclosure with all four legs chained, allowing for very little movement. This has been Kaavan’s entire life. Red full story at

Kaavan can do nothing more than bob his head side to side, a behavior typical of despair and depression. Because of the chains, he also suffers with several deep gashes and signs of gangrene on his lower legs. If this poor animal is not…

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