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Gronda Morin

Middle East Map Middle East Map

Al Jazeera put the question about how to solve a problem like Syria, to four Middle East experts with varying world viewpoints. This news outlet published their perspectives on 10/1/15.

The first interview was with  Randa Selim, Director of the Initiative for Track II Dialogues at the DC-based Middle East Institute and non-resident fellow at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Foreign Policy Institute. The following are excerpts from her posting:

“Talking with Assad will neither defeat ISIL nor achieve a political solution. Instead, the US, Europe, and their regional allies should talk to his Russian and Iranian sponsors, while increasing military pressure on the ground to deny them and Assad a military victory in Syria.”

Syrian President Bashar Assad and his wife, Asma Assad Syrian President Bashar Assad and his wife, Asma Assad

“The West looks at the Syrian conflict through three lenses: First, the security threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant…

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Self Care

Rambling Yogi

Taking the time to look after yourself before you burnout and or get sick is one of the greatest preventative medicines out there. Self care in essence is a simple concept and yet so many of us struggle to make the time for ourselves. Perhaps it’s that some of us feel guilty and a little selfish making our happiness and wellness a priority, or maybe there’s just no time in our busy schedule for something that feels more indulgent that it does necessary but for whatever reason self care activities often get put on the back burner.

I have to put my hand up and say that I’m pretty guilty of getting to busy and forgetting about making time for myself. So how do I keep myself in check, firstly I wrote out a list of all the things I can do for myself so that I have an easy go to and then I…

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Progress, or Detox?


It is the third day since Middle Son gave up milk again.

He was unable to think of any solution to these fits he keeps having, so I told him I would be tickling him when I pick him up and again when we get home.

We call it his ¨medicine¨.

It worked well today. He did lose control later in the evening and began crying a few times, unable to handle his frustration, but I stayed close and helped him address the issue each time-without rescuing him.

I hope to see a major change before a week is out.

Today he saw the skills therapist, to whom I told everything, EVERYTHING, even my own mistakes in handling yesterday´s fit. Oddly enough, he did approve of my technique of throwing a simultaneous fit at myself to demonstrate the absurdity of the fit. Which I know now only escalates the issue…

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Only 3 words for your emotions…


strongerNot long time ago I appeared to be in the weird situation when on one of the trainings I found it difficult to answer the question about my emotional condition. We were asked to describe how we feel in the moment with three attribute words. All the group was embarrassed about this question and everyone had to admit that it was not that easy question as it seems to be at the first sight.
It is about the masterpiece of expressing emotions. When it comes to speak about inner us we became lack of words to describe what is in our soul.
Sometimes we became speechless… while we have so many things to talk about. And it is not because of the lack of words, but because of the thousands emotions we have in this time.
One proverb says: “If only you could know how often people misunderstood our words…

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The Suffragette Chalkers (1908)

Excellent. Hugs, Barbara

All My Own Work!

Pavement artists of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

In 1908, the penalty for a woman suffragette pavement artist caught drawing in chalk on the pavement, was seven days in prison for a first offence.

How the Suffragettes Advertise

The English Suffragettes are going about the country chalking up notices on houses, walls and pavements. This photograph shows three prominent ladies in the campaign for Woman’s Suffrage—Misses Eye, Kenny, and Crocket—chalking up an advertisement on a fence.

Suffragette Wall Chalkers: Published 25th April 1908 Suffragette Wall Chalkers, LONDON: Published 25th April 1908

Published in the Brisbane Courier (Saturday 25th April 1908)


A Suffrage poem by “Nemo” (a Suffragette)

The supporters of the movement for female suffrage in the United Kingdom have decided on a week of self-denial—(Morning paper.)

Not for a life, or for a year,

But for a week (of seven days clear),

The suffragettes will make a trial

Of unaccustomed self-denial.

What means the term? The…

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