Crowdfunder: Bringing Inspirational Stories of Cuba’s First Women and Afro-Cuban Film Directors to the Screen

Repeating Islands


Campaign:  Nuestra Cuba

Nuestra Cuba tells the inspiring stories of Cuba’s first women and Afrocuban film directors. In the years following the Cuban Revolution, the island would become a leader in the Latin American film movements to eradicate colonial ideologies that once controlled the region.

Nuestra Cuba is a two-part documentary series, directed by Amberly Alene Ellis, that reveals the role that black women film directors had in the development of a new Cuban cinema during two very different time periods in Cuban history.

Sara Gomez Yera would become the first woman director in the Caribbean to direct a film at the Institute of Cuban Cinema (ICAIC). She would lead the institute in it’s courageous quest to create a truly unique and revolutionary cinema during the 1960s’ and 70s. Defying the challenges posed by her race and gender, the young filmmaker would utilize cinema for a powerful tool to critically access the new republic.

At thirty…

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