The Suffragette Chalkers (1908)

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Pavement artists of the Women’s Suffrage Movement

In 1908, the penalty for a woman suffragette pavement artist caught drawing in chalk on the pavement, was seven days in prison for a first offence.

How the Suffragettes Advertise

The English Suffragettes are going about the country chalking up notices on houses, walls and pavements. This photograph shows three prominent ladies in the campaign for Woman’s Suffrage—Misses Eye, Kenny, and Crocket—chalking up an advertisement on a fence.

Suffragette Wall Chalkers: Published 25th April 1908 Suffragette Wall Chalkers, LONDON: Published 25th April 1908

Published in the Brisbane Courier (Saturday 25th April 1908)


A Suffrage poem by “Nemo” (a Suffragette)

The supporters of the movement for female suffrage in the United Kingdom have decided on a week of self-denial—(Morning paper.)

Not for a life, or for a year,

But for a week (of seven days clear),

The suffragettes will make a trial

Of unaccustomed self-denial.

What means the term? The…

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