The Feds Have Failed Veterans, but the Private Sector Is Picking Up the Slack – Justin Monticello

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Survey results and death penalty statistics reveal a shocking truth about veterans’ mistreatment, but there’s hope beyond Uncle Sam.

The federal government’s ability to care for returning veterans and set them up for success in civilian life has proved woefully inadequate for decades. The notorious failures and backlogs of the VA have received renewed attention on the presidential campaign trail, but the problems go much deeper than issues with basic medical care.

A recent survey from Disabled American Veterans indicates that less than half of veterans believe they have received the support they were promised upon returning from service, with only 1 in 5 saying the federal government treats them well or that they have gotten the benefits due to them. Moreover, fully two-thirds of respondents say they are unprepared for or stigmatized in the civilian job market.

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Source: The Feds Have Failed Veterans, but the Private…

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