“Anything is possible…”

Excellent post and I am sure that he will continue to surprise you and the doctors. Hugs, Barbara

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It was a dark and stormy night… which was a bit of a surprise when I’d only closed my eyes for a few minutes after lunch. I’m fairly certain the only reason I woke then was the distinctive sound of the dog’s claws on the door as she tried surreptitiously to let herself out into the back garden.

Ah well, there was no question that I needed the sleep. It has been a long few days fighting a bureaucratic battle that has seemed like wading through treacle. I won’t get much sleep tonight either, as I will have to be awake and moving by three am to get to work on time. It will be an exceptionally early start as Nick needs to be on an early train to London to attend a conference where he will be standing to say a few words.

His suit and shirt are pressed…

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