Possum drops in for a visit –

Staycation Atlanta

I do not recommend this for a Staycation…

Last night around 6:00, there was a huge crash in my living room. My ceiling caved in and a big ole possum darted into my dining room. I grabbed Coop and threw him in my bedroom. I opened the french doors off of the dining room. I coxed him into the next corner. He was sitting on the heating grate, so, I turned up the heat. I got my vacuum out and turned it on.

Possum 2Here’s the hole the possum dropped into my living room.

I was throwing things out the back door to show him it was open. I threw out Halloween candy, little Nestle Crunch bars, a lemon ( have no idea why) a candle (again do not know why). Finally after an hour and a half, I had the vacuum going, my blow dryer in one hand and a…

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