The ghosts of Tissington Hall…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Tissington (1)Tissington Hall in Derbyshire has been the home of a single family, the FitzHerberts, for centuries. The ghosts that walk, from cellar to landing, are their own.

Orbs and lights, tobacco smoke and footsteps may follow you in the cellars… and a man dressed in black. In the Library, the temperature is prone to drop rapidly, while lamps move and vibrate and a spectral cat is a prowling presence whose voice has been caught in EVP recordings.

The most tragic story, however, is that of young Wilhelmina FitzHerbert, who died in 1862. Wilhelmina rose from her bed one night and picked up her lit candle; the breeze from the window caught her nightdress and set it alight. It was too late when they came and found her, terribly burned. She lingered in agony for three weeks before she died.

Her room has an oppressive atmosphere. A dark shade has been…

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