How Alex’s Lemonade Stand Went From A Dream To A Multimillion Dollar Legacy

Let Our Voices Echo

Lemonade 2
After Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, she held a lemonade stand to raise money for cancer research. Now, that little stand has become a full-fledged foundation has raised millions.

When 8-year-old Alex appeared on “The Oprah Winfery Show” in 2004, she told Oprah how she made her lemonade. “I use Country Time Lemonade”

Country Time lemonade flavor drink mix is a Kraft product. Kraft split itself off into two companies Mondelez International as a marketing strategy by combining the words “world” and “delicious”. Kraft decided the grocery business would retain the Kraft name, Mondelez International manages snack brands. Kraft and Mondelez International are owned by ConAgra.

Circular reasoning: The Company who gives people cancer are profiting off the people with cancer by selling to the people who will get cancer from consuming their cancer causing products.

ConAgra, one of the largest processed food manufacturers in the…

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